The Penang Eurasians

Welcome to Penang Eurasians!

Penang (known as Pulau Pinang, Pearl of the Orient, Prince of Wales Island, Pulo Pinaom) was a former British settlement/colony and currently a state in the Malaysian Federation. The Eurasians community has been an important force in the continue development of Penang together with the Malay, Chinese and Indian communities.

Today, the traditional Penang Eurasian families and the community has been reduced in numbers due to migration and the search for greener pastures or "Brain Drain" which is face by all Penangites. Despite the overwhelming weight of globalization; one thing never lagging within the Eurasian community was its spirit of adaptability and cheerfulness.

The story of Penang Eurasians is about accepting change and therefore with a new growing immigrant population from all over the world; new generations are being born into the Penang Eurasian community. Plus a new sense of awareness continues to grow as more youth yearn to know about the past and roots of descendents who are of European/Eurasian ancestry are unearth. This gives an individual a sense of knowing and to work together to bring new live into the ever growing Eurasian community.

Penang Eurasians encourages new ideas, cooperation, and bringing in folks from all corners of Penang and abroad to celebrate and progress the Eurasians into a better and brigther future. This site and group are in no part to supersede the old guards or pillars of the Eurasians community like Penang Recreation Club (PRC) and the fame Penang Eurasian Association (PEA) as those two help lay the foundation of the Eurasians in Penang, but we are here to compliment and help one another to be a major play in the development of our unique and ever-growing community.

Therefore Penang Eurasians website and its affiliated networks are here to spread the Eurasians stories, histories, and successes by compiling thoughts, works, festivals, events, and many more for the world to see and share the experience. This a time for all of us, maybe young or old along with deep rooted convictions to come out and celebrate the diversity, tolerance, and heritage in what it meant to be Eurasian and to where are the Eurasians plan to do for our fellow Penangites and Malaysia as a community.